colorbond® fencing


One of the most popular styles of fencing. Durable and low maintenance, Colorbond looks the same from both sides and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

Each fence is installed to the ground conditions, sometimes we need to rake the fence (cut the top and /or bottom at an
angle) or it may need to be stepped.

We use genuine BlueScope Steel posts, rails and infill sheets with colour matched screws.

Types of colorbond® Fencing

raked colorbond® Fencing

Stepped colorbond® Fencing

Colorbond® Fencing with Retaining Wall

Some fences require sleepers to be built in beneath – this may be through choice to achieve a higher overall fence or necessity to retain a small amount of land. We have two options for sleepers, both require a longer post to be used:
  • CCA treated pine – cheaper and better for sloped ground.
  • Prestressed concrete – more expensive but more durable.
  • Colorbond® Colour Choices