What’s The Cost Of Installing A Colorbond Fence In 2023?

Colorbond fences are designed and built with Australia’s extreme weather in mind. Its multiple coats of rustproofing and primers ensures it’ll hold its own in the face of bushfires, cyclones, and anything else Mother Nature or troublemakers can throw at it. With the correct installation and regular maintenance, these fences will last as long as needed.

That said, exceptional resilience comes at a premium. The average cost of a Colorbond fence is between AUD$100 and AUD$150 per metre (including labour).

These figures aren’t set in stone, as several things can influence the final price. To understand what affects price, it’s best to ask a Colorbond fences company for more information. Below are also some of the factors that can affect price.

The steel market

You can’t discuss the cost of Colorbond fence installation without a closer look into the current steel market. They’re made of steel with a layer of aluminium and zinc, which protects the steel from corrosion. It’s also worth noting that the paint layer is baked into the steel rather than brushed or spray-painted, ensuring a long-lasting finish that’s less prone to chipping.

According to the latest IBISWorld data, while domestic steel prices have dropped by 13% this year, they have yet to break even from the 23% spike last year. It also predicts that demand for steel to supply railway projects like Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel might force steel prices to rise.

It isn’t entirely bad news, though, as the steelmaking industry has shown interest in “green steel,” which uses green hydrogen instead of fossil fuel. Experts believe Australia is in a good position to make the shift, though it’ll take a while.

Production and logistics

Every inch of Colorbond steel used in fencing and other applications in Australia comes from Port Kembla, NSW. However due to the demand paint lines have also been setup in Western Port Victoria, Acacia Ridge Queensland, and Erskine Park NSW.

The rolls produced make their way to service centres nationwide, where they’re shaped into fencing panels and other stuff.

The turnaround time from raw ores to rolled steel can take as long as six weeks, plus a few more weeks to reshape them. The complex, labour-intensive processes in producing a Colorbond fence panel add to their high cost per metre.

Soil conditions

The type of soil where the fencing will be installed can influence the overall cost. Professionals consider soil conditions during planning, specifically determining the length and installation of the fence posts. An overlooked miscalculation can send part of or the entire fence coming down.

Much of the earth beneath Queensland’s towns and cities is vertosol, which can hold plenty of water but is susceptible to cracking in extremely hot weather. Vertosols consist of at least 35% clay from the topsoil below, which can pose difficulties in digging due to clay’s density. Placing posts in clay soil entails shorter posts and more stable backfills like concrete.

The Queensland Government website explains a simple way to determine the type of soil your property has. Take a handful of soil, douse it in water, and mould it into a ball. Clay soil will be somewhat bendy, sandy soil will crumble easily, and loam soil will hold well. Regardless, it’s a good idea to get an expert to conduct thorough soil testing.

Saving on Colorbond fencing

Paying an initial premium for a product or service usually pays for itself in the long term. This holds true for Colorbond fencing, which many fence providers tout for its sturdiness and low maintenance. But there are ways to keep the Colorbond fence installation cost low.

The first way is window shopping, getting quotes from multiple Colorbond fence distributors and installation services. Most of them provide detailed quotes free of charge, though they’re usually valid for 30 days due to price fluctuations. You can also take this opportunity to review their past projects and ask as many questions as necessary.

Doing most of the prep work yourself is another sound idea. It requires skill and plenty of elbow grease, but it can reduce the time professionals spend installing the new Colorbond fence. On a related note, you’d want to leave the actual installation to professionals, as the process can be as complicated as the fence’s production.

Lastly, it’s important to stick to your budget no matter what. Lattices and plinths may make the fence more presentable, but there’s no harm in settling for the bare minimum if that’s all you can afford. A properly-erected Colorbond fence will still be there once you can afford beautification.


It’s reasonable to feel discouraged in paying so much upfront for reliable fencing, but its benefits will outweigh the payment in the long term. Colorbond fencing provides a long-lasting solution, no matter how many natural disasters of varying severity it faces. You may not even realise that you’ve already broken even somewhere along the line.

Should you require further assistance with Colorbond fences in Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to ask professionals like Pride Fencescapes for help. Give us a call today.